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(from the IncentWise People)


PaidTheBest.com as a GPT Site Has Closed

Yes, PaidTheBest GPT has closed and all pending cash outs / withdrawals were paid well before closure.

Questions?  paidthebest@gmail.com

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ShiftCode GPT & Performa Network Paired Script Provider Service Companies Sold to Well Known and Liked Confident & Competent Purchaser!


Yes, a matter of days ago from today both popular GPT script provider and integrated affiliate network script / platform provider ShiftCode and Performa were sold as a a pair for an undisclosed amount of money to a well known and well liked mover and shaker in the get paid to site and CPA affiliate network industries.

ShiftCode continues to be the one most popular, well known, and trusted GPT site script the online get paid to industry has ever known.  Likewise, the fully ShiftCode GPT site script Performa network platform (also a script) get’s an infusion of new blood and ideas from the new owner.

The entire industry thanks all those involved in the original development, evolution, continual improvement, defense (don’t ask), and continuance of both of these superior platforms.


Don’t Get Caught Off Guard By the 60-Day Domain Name Transfer Lock – Don’t Change Your Who-Is Contact Info Less Than 60-Days Before You Intend to Transfer Out of Your Domain Registrar!

I learned a valuable lesson today that's on the subject of domains. I'm passing this info on so that no one else in here has to learn the hard way:


[If you do then you are risking a likely 60-Day Domain Transfer Lock!]

Screen Capture #248 - 'Domain Details' - dcc_godaddy_com_dcc50_DomainDetails_aspx_identifier=_rZwiSdj2clAScG lLku0LOJsoNh_A0QHORektqz2g Ez8BtlW2urNFXOHdBqtd7TSZztImUHB8=&sa=isc=cjc599v&prog_id=&market


Here are some articles related to this issue:

- GO DADDY POSTS WORKAROUND FOR 60-DAY LOCK: http://www.bigbeagle.com/domain-registrar/

- Registrars continue to violate the ICANN transfer policy: https://blog.tigertech.net/posts/transfer-policy-violations/


Background: (though it's actually an ICANN rule taken to extremes to the convenient advantage of GoDaddy)


One of my main .COM domains is up for renewal and expires on 11/06/2014. I went to renew this domain ON GoDaddy and they wanted $15+ (idiotic) for the renewal. I called them one last time to see if they might want to make a gesture to keep me on as a customer by reducing the renewal price one-time to $10 or lower (I've seen domain transfer prices as low as $5.99 today and I would be an idiot to pay $15+ for the exact same thing.) - no go. They wouldn't budge one-penny.

Anyways, now resolved to transfer my domain out from GoDaddy I went in to disable the privacy protection (as usual) so that there isn't any interference in my receiving the transfer related emails and that left me with incomplete/erroneous contact records in my who-is.

I went in and corrected the who-is and now I'm getting this cute little message "Transfer locked until 12/21/2014: Contact information change" This is an outright bad intent attempt by GoDaddy to try to force me to pay their $15+ renewal (WTF!)

The technical support person was useless but after spending half-an-hour on the phone of him saying that the transfer lock couldn't be removed then I demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was then told to send an email to a specific 'review' email address at GoDaddy and wait for them to verify my identity (did that - now waiting for a response) ARGH!

Anyways, these BS inflated prices and underhanded tactics by GoDaddy have lost me as a customer. Anyone else go through this crap?



It's starting to look like I'll have to pay the $15+ GoDaddy renewal because I got caught off guard by GoDaddy's decision to enforce the ICANN rule more strictly and rigid than most other registrars out there


[Off Topic But Extremely Important!] Get a Flu Shot This Year for Sure No Excuses (Read On For Why)

It’s much more important this year than ever before in the recent past that as many people as is possible get a flu shot!

I come from a medical family and I grew up around and with the the terminology, thought processes, and logic  involved in the medical professions (my dad was a pharmacist and my mother was a Registered Nurse up until she retired)  I’m definitely NOT a doctor (I’m an IT professional) but medical topics have always peaked my interest and I’ve definitely been paying attention recently with this global Ebola outbreak lurking at our (US) doorstep.

I’ve gathered that the onset of Ebola presents itself with many of the symptoms resembling the common flu.  I’m increasingly hearing on the major news networks that a growing number of people are showing up in hospital emergency rooms with flu symptoms are being put though much more scrutiny sometimes to the point of isolative quarantine until the cause of their symptoms can be diagnosed and/or Ebola can be completely ruled out.

If God forbid this global Ebola pandemic enters the US more forcefully (which it is likely to do) the there will be an increasing amount of medical resources and staff devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of these cases.

By not receiving the flu immunization then you are exposing your family, friends, co-workers and all those people you come into contact with on a regular basis at a greater risk of becoming sick.  Further, you are placing yourself at an ever increasing risk of  you actually getting the flu and in a number of flu cases (depending upon the severity)  you may be risking hospitalization where there will likely be a certain period of uncertainty as to whether or not you are only suffering from a common case of the flu, or possibly something much more serious – Ebola !  How is the hospital staff to know the difference in you during those crucial first hours, days, or weeks?

Increasingly the solution to the above dilemma is strict quarantine in complete isolation while being placed under observation – do you REALY want to risk such unnecessary lifestyle disruptive treatment  along with being responsible for the increased workload and reduction of medical resources available for those who may truly need it?

This all is entirely preventable and can be totally avoided  by your simple decision to be immunized against influenza now.  I received my flu shot yesterday.

Worst case scenario if you DO get a flu shot – you simply are much less  likely to get the flu this year (wink)


PayPal Scores a Hit with Me in the Customer Service Department (Shocked the Heck Out of Me - Lol) WTG PayPal !

PayPal Actually Treated Me Right This Time !

(read the entire story for the kind and happy ending) 
A few minutes ago I remembered that one of my dozen or so domain names was up for renewal in a few days (one of my more valuable and liked domains)  I also had noted that I received a Network Solutions email a few days ago offering to renew that domain name at $10 even with the coupon code contained in the email.

I got ready to renew the domain only when I checked my PayPal account then all I had was $9.97 in the account (I use the a PayPal debit MasterCard to pay for such things.)  Yes, sure I have plenty of cash (physical cash) but my problem was that it wasn't in my PayPal account (and there's no quick way to refill a PayPal account with cash without going through an ordeal normally)

I decided to use one of my other debit cards (less than a buck on that one) along with the handy PayPal donation widget (usually used by charity organizations on their web sites) to in-effect donate what I needed to myself in my PayPal account (a few cents) from that other debit card.  So, I used the donation widget placed in a local HTML file  (located on my own PC) viewed in a browser window to donate 16 cents (I thought more than enough to cover the three cents I was short)

The transaction went just fine only when I checked my PayPal balance I was shocked to find out that my balance had not changed (it was STILL $9.97 (?))  In looking at the details of my donation transaction (below) I discovered that for my sixteen-cent donation I was charged a $0.16 (100%) transaction fee ! ~ (lol)

PayPal charged me a 100% transaction fee to receive a donation !?!
100% Transaction Fee on Receipt of 'Donation' (?)

More puzzled and disappointed with PayPal I gave their customer service line a call to ask why the heck they would charge me a 100% transaction fee on receiving my donation.  The very polite and professional happy sounding PayPal customer service girl (after I explained my story) simply asked me how much I was short in my PayPal account for completing my domain renewal transaction and I told her only the three cents.

After a minute on hold while she spoke with her supervisor then she told me that she was seeing that I've been a loyal 14+ year customer of PayPal and that they don't want to 'do me like that' and to make it up to me that she had added a buck ($1.00) to my PayPal balance as a gesture of good will from PayPal to me (smile)

Thank you PayPal for turning from the seemingly mindless evil draconian giant (the way many of my friends and I had perceived them for some time now due to all of the past horror stories them and I had been subjected to or heard about over the years) into a thoughtful and kind friendly partner to me.
PayPal Customer Service Actually Hit the Ball Out of the Park for Me Tonight ! 

#PayPalRocks  #WTGPayPal

The End

PayPal Good Will Gesture - Thank You PayPal
PayPal Good Will Gesture - Thank You PayPal


IncentWise CPA Affiliate Network Offers Unmatched FREE to Join Work at Home Opportunity by Promoting CPA Offers on Your Web Site or Blog !

IncentWise is a CPA (cost-per-action) Affiliate Network based in the USA (Chicago) that provides hundreds of advertising campaigns for you to promote that pay anywhere from a few cents to tens of dollars for simple leads or sales you obtain by promoting the offers using the marketing copy (offer description), banner images, sales pitch in image form), and your own unique tracking link (so that they know who to pay - YOU!)
The vast majority of the campaigns on their list pay you nicely for simple leads generated on FREE (to the end user) offers !  There are also plenty of offers for other countries (international campaigns)

IncentWise pays you monthly via PayPal or check.  There is NO zero-zilch cost to sign up as a publisher (promoter) and they NEVER ask you for money EVER (it's a legitimate business opportunity that never requires and investment of anything other than a bit of your time and effort!)   Please feel free to check their credentials, view payment proof & reviews (100% positive)  and see their perfect 5 out of 5 score they've been given at http://www.affpaying.com/incentwise.

All you need is some type of web site(s) to get started (though some of their offers allow social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)  Many of their offers are perfect for promotion on your own popular blog or niche web site.  There are plenty of offers (most) that allow incentivization (you can pay people to complete these offers in a get paid to (GPT) site or PTC site type of situation)

You have nothing at all to lose!  Why not complete their simple publisher application / registration for quick acceptance!  They even provide links to free places on the web where you can receive help, support, and advice on promotion ideas!   http://www.IncentWise.com/publishers/register.php?pref=7  Oh, and they even have a referral program that will pay you 3% of everyone you refer earns !

Here are a few excerpts from their web site:
IncentWise™ is a full service performance based affiliate network (CPA) based in the USA specifically aimed at connecting our driven advertising sponsors with quality incentive and non-incent type publishers.  We've been experiencing phenomenal growth consistently since inception - please join us in the spirit of mutual success without limits !
  • All Publishers
    • Extremely competitive (upper echelon) campaign payout rates!  Please feel free to compare our payout rates and notice our significant ultra-high payout difference!
    • Solid financials with payments you can always count on (we never disappoint anyone!)
    • Net 35 Monthly Paid Mid-Month sent via PayPal or a promptly mailed check with only a $20 minimum (though we often disregard our standard published terms in favor of early payments sent with no payout minimum!)
    • Better attention to campaign details (the little things that count big)  We'll never leave you hunting elsewhere for campaign creatives (banner images) or suitable textual descriptions.  Also, we NEVER advertise our own network on any of our campaign banners (a practice that other networks seem to think is relevant or ethical.)
    • Bonus perks!  We routinely will add our active publishers to our regular professional web promotion efforts thereby increasing the exposure and popularity of your web properties.  After all, if you will be promoting our campaigns doesn't it make graceful sense for us to reciprocate by promoting your web sites as well?
    • We strive to be extremely easy to work with with regular mutually respectful peer based human interactions.  We design no arbitrary and unduly restrictive draconian rules made up on the fly.  No costly surprises.  We prefer to always play fair.  The way it should be, right?
  • Incentive Type Publishers (Those providing any type of reward or incentive to web site members usually in the form of cash, points, virtual currency, or special access to content in exchange for the completion of offer requirements)
    • We've been in the incentive publishing industry for nearly a decade now so we definitely can relate well to the needs and desires of the GPT site admin.
    • We are a fully ShiftCode Get Paid To site integrated network based upon the Performa platform.  Genuine ShiftCode GPT site administrators need not hassle with postback setup and other difficult intricate technicalities.  Add all our campaigns with just a few clicks!  Instant crediting is also automatically performed.  Offers will be moved into an expired folder on your site when expired on our network.  IncentWise offers the best in automated convenience!
  • Non-Incent Type Publishers (Those publishers who rely solely upon the interest generated by creative banners and textual descriptive content to entice web site guests to click on and complete offer or survey campaigns.  Non-incent never offer any type of reward or incentive in exchange for the completion of offer requirements)
    • As a non-incent publisher you'll have access to our complete selection approaching thousands of lucrative campaigns in all categories.
    • New! We will begin to accept non-incent publishers and add non-incent type offers to our vast campaign inventory as of January 1st 2014 !
IncentWise.com is a full service CPA affiliate network based in the USA specifically aimed at connecting our driven advertising sponsors with quality motivated publishers.


Gaping Default Security Hole in Firefox Allowing the Viewing of ALL Your Saved Passwords in Plain Clear Text!


If you use Firefox are you aware that ANYONE in-the-know that you give access to your computer (iffy friends, bad roommates, sketchy relatives, etc) can EASILY look up and see ALL YOUR SAVED PASSWORDS IN PLAIN CLEAR TEXT !!!

I was completely unaware of this until about a month ago and was TOTALLY SHOCKED ! Even though I'm a technology buff and professional PC / network technician by former trade (I thought I knew everything !)

Want to see?

Ok, click on Tools > Options then go to the Security tab. Find the Saved Passwords button and click on it. Then simply click on Show Passwords and !?! WTF !?! Really !!??!!

I guess that's why they have the "Use a master password" option (and you'd better change ALL your shown passwords and set a master password if you've EVER given anyone shady a chance to use your PC)

Google Chrome also has this (what I would call) default gaping security FLAW! http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/lay-off-chrome-firefox-has-the-same-password-security-flaw/#!JlK2z

Please spread the word by sharing this post with your friends if you are so inclined.


PollBuzzer Pays Weekly PayPal a Buck for Each Simple Emailed Poll Question !

Get Paid to Answer Emailed Survey Questions !

Start making money - It's totally FREE!  Get simple questions sent to your email and receive PayPal payments weekly.  Yes, don't just dismiss this post after reading the headline title.  PollBuzzer is truly a painless way to make an occasional buck or two.

The only downside I've found is that you can't do anything to influence when or how many times you'll receive the coveted emailed dollar paying no-brainer questions.  The questions get sent to your email address and they'll send you PayPal payments weekly.  I've personally already been paid several times by PollBuzzer.

The real power of this is in their referral system which gives you a buck for each referral after they've answered four (4) emailed questions.   Again, the only problem is you can't influence how long it takes for them to actually receive four questions - sometimes it takes days, other times it may take weeks)  It's all good though because this place will send you money automatically within a week any time you've earned at least a buck - sometimes when you least expect it (so this turns out to be a bonus couple of surprise bucks you weren't even aware you earned)

PollBuzzer Pays $1 for Each Simple Emailed Question Answered !

The way they explain it is:  "Earn an additional $1 for each new PollBuzzer Panelist that you refer! Just send the unique referral link below to your friends, family, colleagues, or whoever else you want to refer. Each time a new panelist joins PollBuzzer after coming to the site using your link, you'll be credited with the referral. Once that new panelist answers 4 questions, we'll know it was a successful referral, and $1 will be credited to your account."

They even have what they call a 'Client Affiliate Program" where:  "Know someone who uses customer opinions or market research to make decisions? Have a friend in marketing or working on a small business, who needs to know what their target consumers think? Refer that person to PollBuzzer and get paid if they send out a survey! Starting now, we're making you an affiliate of PollBuzzer, and we'll pay you 10% of whatever we earn in the first year after you make the referral (after we pay our panelists). So send the link below to all your friends and family, post it on Facebook and Twitter, and start earning today. The typical PollBuzzer survey would earn you about $15, and there's no limit to what you can earn if your contacts start sending out surveys, so start referring now! Thank you."  My affiliate referral link for this is:  http://askpollbuzzer.com/?r=TitJR2RCWnVHOUV4VkZpTzU0bUpiUT090 though I really don't see the point in this as the odds are pretty slim that I'd ever refer anyone that needed a question answered (?)


The Best Most Useful Site Links, Blogs, and Free Resources Shared by MaxP !

Maximus Promoteus (Wesley B) 
admin@freecashpro.com / admin@paidthebest.com
admin@incentwise.com / AIM: freecashpro






WEB of Trust - Untrustworthy, Vote of No Confidence

In my own humble opinion, and those of many other Get Paid To (GPT) site and CPA Affiliate Network admins, recent developments at Web of Trust (www.MyWOT.com) have proven the self-appointed web guardian untrustworthy.

Recently it was noticed that the formerly good to great reputation ratings for hundreds of legitimate ShiftCode GPT site and Performa affiliate networks were suddenly and deliberately plunged en-mass into the 'very poor' range by a single anonymous and faceless WOT 'platinum member' submitting bulk site reputation ratings using what is called the 'mass rating tool',

In addition to the shotgun in the dark site ratings approach taken by the WOT 'platinum member' calling him/herself c۞g, each targeted site's 'scorecard' page was further defaced with the identical (apparently also bulk blast posted) libelous comment citing almost every powerful negative word that could readily be attributable to the lowest of the low scam type web site.  Yes, a person is entitled to his own opinion but when