ShiftCode Based Get Paid To (GPT) Sites That Are Proud to Show Their Member Withdrawal Payments List Publicly (Do You Know About the Built In ‘Payment Proof’ Page?)

It’s a little known fact that those premium Get Paid To (GPT) sites that are built powered by the ShiftCode ‘paid to’ script have a built in page that lists all of the site member withdrawals that have been paid since the site was established.  Enabling or disabling public viewing of this page is controlled by a simple setting in each site’s configuration.  The default for this setting is for the list to be publicly viewable though some GPT site administrators may go in a choose to make this page inaccessible publicly.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a certain GPT site administrator is trying to hide anything by disabling public viewing of the site’s payments record page but it certainly is a very good sign to those in the know when the site admin hasn’t disabled the viewing of the site’s withdrawal list.

What and where is this withdrawal list I speak of?  On GPT sites that haven’t had their withdrawal list page disabled it may be reached by going here (replace ‘’ with the URL of the site you are viewing.

ShiftCode GPT Site Withdraw List Payment Proof Page

The ‘withdraws’ list that’s shown there will give you the details of all of the payments that the site has made and it usually looks similar to this:



If you don’t see many payments listed there then that usually means that the site is new and/or the site members haven’t been very active yet.

If going to that URL goes to a blank page that says “This page is disabled.” then that means that the member withdrawal payments list page has deliberately been disabled in the site’s configuration settings (which in itself does not mean anything is wrong)

If you are able to get to that page on a site that isn’t brand new but you don’t see any payments listed or payments only listed in the distant past then that may indicate an issue with the site paying its members (though you shouldn’t base your whole opinion on the site dependent upon this one indicator)

Below I have listed sites a few great GPT sites that apparently don’t have a problem with leaving their Member Withdrawal Payments List page publicly viewable (the links will take you directly to this specific ‘Withdrawals’ page):

RewardingWays GPT - -

OfferNation -

Clover GPT -

In fact it almost strikes me that these site in particular are proud to show you their accomplishments of making sure that their members get paid (and making sure that people know it)

I am sure that there a plenty more ShiftCode GPT sites out there that have this ‘payment proof’ page enabled.  Now that you know how to reach this special page then go ahead and feel free to find more sites without this page disabled.

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