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Crossroads Leadership Academy is Making a Difference in the World – Please Help!

Crossroads Leadership Academy, a 501c3 non-profit, is a leadership program for young men and women ages 13 through 25 years old. Is to provide youth opportunities of a brighter future through the development of character and leadership skills. CLA firmly believes that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Youth that live in poverty do not have the same availability of opportunities as youth in middle and upper class families. CLA provides the following intensive services:

  • Leadership Development
  • Character Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Instill the Value of College Education
  • Community Service
  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring

By contributing to Crossroads Leadership Academy (501c3) your tax deductible contribution will be helping youth out of poverty. 

Imagine you will help change not only a single youth, but you will have an impact in youths' future generation. 

Make a Difference Today! Please Donate What You Will!
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Thank You!


URL Link ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ Code to Place an Invisible Linked ‘Zone’ Over Pretty Much ANYWHERE on Your HTML Page! …From Code Placed Anywhere on Your Page!

URL LINK CLOAK OF INVISIBILITY: Code to Make ANYWHERE on Your HTML Page a Clickable Zone (to the URL of your choice) - This Code Can Be Placed ANYWHERE in Your HTML and Affect a Whole Other Area! (Amazing!) Oh wow, I just found a really awesome HTML technique that does something I never knew was possible - cool!

Ok, I'm redesigning my site (WordPress powered) and long ago I fell in love with the 'Expound' theme but ever since I applied that theme there's been one thing that I really hated about it - the header (logo at the top) image doesn't link to anything and the theme doesn't make any accommodations to make it clickable.
Most sites that I run across have a clickable header image that will take you back to the home page of the site and I've always found this feature very helpful and intuitive - I couldn't see leaving my own site without a clickable logo.

The expound theme seems to place that particular image there from within a CSS along with some difficult custom coding elsewhere. For over a year I had tried various things to try to get the header clickable. I've been through all kinds of code including one pretty complicated snippet that was supposed to work from within the CSS itself (but I couldn't get it to work)
Tonight I'm redesigning the site so I thought I'd give it another shot by googling the theme name ('expound') and the word 'clickable'. I was amazed by how many people out there had the same issue I had with that theme. It turns out that making the logo clickable is a paid option that the theme designer intentionally made difficult so that you buy that option (wtf! That's bullshit in my book!) Most all of the other themes I know of have a clickable logo option - a standard expected feature!
Anyways, here's the cool code I'm writing this post about (sorry it took me so long to get to it)  Apparently, in HTML there's a way to place this code ANYWHERE on your page and it will transparently make whatever portion of that page you specify to be clickable and link to wherever you want it to !?! How cool, huh?

Here's the code that someone was nice enough to give all of us 'expound' theme users that links the header image zone to whatever we want it to link to:

<div align="center" style="position:absolute;width:100%;top:40px;right:0;">
<a href=""><div style="width:1020px;height:154px;"></div></a>

...and it can be placed ANYWHERE on the page (even inside a sidebar widget) and because of it's use of absolute positioning then it acts upon my header logo image. Cool, huh?  Of course you'll need to adjust the parameters for your particular use (like what the coordinates are to position your 'link cloak of invisibility' - lol)

I can also think of some other non-so-nice uses for such code (like to replace links on/over 'ad supported' zones (he he)) but I'm not usually into doing sneaky crap like that.

Oh, and to give credit where it's due then I found this happy little snippet here (in the 'justpi' post): WORKS LIKE A CHARM ...and if that topic wasn't already closed then I would have posted to thank him as well ;-)

I don't know, maybe this is something only a novice-intermediate coder (like me) would get excited about... (lol)


WiseMonetize Premium CPA Affiliate Network

WiseMonetize™ Premium CPA Affiliate Network is a full service performance based CPA Affiliate Network based in the USA specifically aimed at consistently connecting driven advertisers with trustworthy electronic publishers providing a high quality traffic stream of campaign promotion.


WiseMonetize Premium CPA Affiliate Network

We have been active in the GPT site segment for nearly a decade now in various forms ranging from GetPaidTo site development, configuration, management, support, promotion, consulting, and script development. We can definitely boast that we are indeed GPT site friendly!

WiseMonetize affiliate network is also decidedly 'newbie' publisher supportive and friendly as well. If you ever find yourself unsure of how to best proceed in ad campaign selection, promotion, configuration, optimization, monetization, or anything along those lines then please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff and we'll be ever so happy to help show you the ropes. There are no 'dumb' questions here

The AffTrack professional network platform our business is based upon provides robust power publisher features combined with superior lead tracking. There is even a function to export all of our active offers to file for easy importation to most import-aware site script platforms.

Please Feel Free to Join Us as a Network Publisher Today!


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VisioList - New Top Site List Script is a Vast Improvement Over Aardvark and It Even Makes You PayPal Cash!

NEW TOP SITE LIST SCRIPT ALERT! (and this script has features built in to earn PayPal money from listing enhancements!)

Yes for those of you who are familiar with the well known Aardvark top site list script (the decent top site list script that languished all those years without a single update and no support) then know that a few coders from that original Aardvark script team (purportedly) has gotten together and have come out with a new script that has taken that original code and improved it tremendously in all directions!  The call it VisioList and their web site is located here:

In addition to improving stability, security, and bringing all the coding techniques and style into todays standard cutting edge they've gone on to add tons of improvements too numerous to list here!

One really nice new feature they've added is fully automated PayPal integration that will take orders for a bunch of optional listing upgrades that top site list clients can order to add things like the ability to add a larger banner, a featured listing, and other premium features that will add more rank enhancing 'hits' to your site's list account based upon a schedule, etc.  There's just so much new that I'd wear myself out posting this if I tried, best to head to their web site to check out the new features listings:

Unlike the older (now 'lame' comparably) Aardvark script - VisioList isn't free (but it isn't expensive either!)  Prices start at $29 - I was so amazed that YES, I bought it ;-)  The script is a no-brainer smooth automated install and once installed I was amazed at all the new admin panel features and reports.  If you are into running your own top site lists then this script is a must see!   [yes, I know this group normally is aimed at 'FREE' scripts but I found this so amazing that I felt getting the news out deserved a 'group founder' exception] ;-)


FSPrizes GPT Sold and Makes an Excellent Comeback Now with No Minimum Instant PayPal and More!

Ok, here's another GPT site with NO MINIMUM and INSTANT PAYPAL (technically) It has a no minimum for manual PayPal withdrawals up to $2 and a $2 minimum for INSTANT PayPal! Yes, you may have heard of or visited this site years ago and found not much to stay for but trust me - it's radically changed for the better since Lorie the well known and trusted admin has purchased the site. She's made vast improvements to FSPrizes and now the site has tons of offers, offer walls, contests, jackpots, promos, etc. Give the newly reborn site another shot - you won't be disappointed!


New Facebook Group Covering Referral & Affiliate Programs - Earn a Recurring Passive Income Online Free

Please Feel Free to Join the New Group for Sharing Information on Referral and Affiliate Programs!

Referral & Affiliate Programs - Earn a Recurring Passive Income Online Free


AffTrack Professional CPA Affiliate Network Platform Now Available Commercially! Start An Affiliate Network of Your Own!

Building a CPA / Affiliate Network?  Unhappy with Your Current Affiliate Network Platform?

Know that the thoroughly robust AffTrack professional affiliate network platform is now available to power your own CPA affiliate network!  Yes, the network platform that's propelled CPAWay to the forefront over the years is now available commercially.  More complete information along with a no obligation free trial offer is available now at !


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KissMyCash GPT – a Well Established Get Paid To Site with Character and $1 Minimum Daily PayPal !

Yes, KissMyCash GPT was established years ago by admins that are considered pillars of the industry – never a worry about payments here.  The site is popular with hundreds of active members but it’s not so large that its lost that personal touch.  The admin is friendly, helpful, and responsive to support requests promptly.

The site is chock full of more than the usual number of  popular lucrative fast-crediting offers (most of which are totally free.)  The site also features a number of offer walls for added earning opportunity.  PayPal payments are delivered without fail daily with only a one-dollar ($1) minimum to reach before requesting a withdrawal.

kissHome3 If you are a referral ‘whale’ such as myself and are looking for decent sites that are popular but haven’t reached a saturation level so high that everyone you promote to has already heard of the site or is already a member then promoting KissMyCash might fit the bill for you perfectly.

Give KissMyCash a shot!  I’m sure you’ll find the site a very comfortable place to work at home and spend your time earning!


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FREE HARD COPY MAILED WEBSITE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS! Internet / Web Professionals Get Your Totally FREE Hard Copy Mailed PRINT Edition Year+ Subscription to Website Magazine!  Simply click the link or picture and answer a few questions (just to make sure you truly are an Internet / Web professional thereby qualifying) and telling them where to send your year plus long subscription to this award winning leading industry publication.

Website Magazine

This magazine is where and how you keep ahead of the vicious competition!  It's an edge I, myself, wouldn't want to be without!  ...and it's TOTALLY FREE to you in print and/or digital (you choose)

Designed For:
  • Internet Marketing Professionals
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Topics Include:
  • Web Design & Development
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  • Practical E-commerce Information

Website Magazine

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