Noteworthy Family of Connected Get Paid To (GPT) Sites with Admins that are Totally On The Ball ! Totally Worth Your While and Free to Join!

The following group of diverse Get Paid To web sites have for some time now been operated by a small cooperative group of GPT site and Affiliate Network administrators that have  have gained a reputation and respect for being amongst the (if not THE) the hardest working people in the industry for over a decade now.

If you value patronizing GPT sites that are totally free free from the risk of chaos brought on by the likes of site incompetent or disorganized administrators / site management then this group of sites is for you.  The sites below are passionately cared for and attended to by admins that truly are totally on the ball (and have been now for over a decade)  These sites below rarely (if ever) have been late or short on any member reward payments and prize fulfillment.  These sites always seem to have all of their in-house offers in order, up-to-date, and fresh because they are lovingly attended to by people who care.

These sites always seem to be right on the scene ready to competently make the latest offer walls available for the site members within hours or days of them being released.  These admins always seem to be right there at the ready, willing, and able to promptly the minute you cash out or request another type of reward from any of the GPTs they are in charge of overseeing.  Need help, send an inbox, support ticket in, or ask a question in the shoutbox chat and BOOM, within minutes you’ll have your answer.

You think that surely I must be making this all up and embellishing  most of it but no, there are such admins and sites – all you need to experience the graceful magic of admins that properly know how to manage sites and actually take it to a whole new level of  fine art, intelligence, skill, caring and experience all wrapped up in a small group of admins overseeing the following GPT sites:

Yes, you may recognize a few of these sites as having been owned in the past by other people but today all of the above fall under the same solid management.

…and they also help out on…

The one admin that I know the best and talk to often her name is Kat and I’m telling you that she is one heck of a human dynamo !   I don’t know any of the other admins that help out personally but I can say that as a team then they sure do have their hands full and the are all handling it as champs!

In addition to running these GPTs they also run the extremely popular and affiliate networks too  (and I’m sure other projects are always in the works in the background.)

To sum it all up, I highly recommend all of the above mentioned GPTs and Networks and they are definitely being managed extremely well and I would consider all of these people the most competent and hard working people that I know of in this business!  Thank you for keeping everything (all the sites) so beautifully well kept and efficient !  Great Work !

FREE Master List of ALL ShiftCode GPT Sites Available for FREE Towards Building Your Own GPT Site Referral List for Your Own Use in Promoting These Sites on Your Web Sites, Blogs, Social Media Posts, etc,

Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List

Most all of the hard work of gathering up such an extensive list of ShiftCode GPTs and all you would need to do is replace the non-referral links listed with your own referral links (switch the ref links out for the sites you are already a member of and sign up for the sites you aren't a member of and change those links to your own too!)

Here is one way I presented my list containing my own referral links:

This list has been released for public consumption and conversion to your own use in promoting these sites as well!  See the note below the list that says:

COPY THIS LIST AND USE AS YOU PLEASE: If ANYONE out there would like to take the above list, add their own referral links, and treat it as their own creation on their web site, blog, or anywhere else then I allow and encourage you to do so. The whole Idea of this list is to benefit and promote genuine ShiftCode powered sites and increase exposure of these sites. Please feel free to make the list your own! Only if you are going to continue calling a list of ShiftCode GPT sites please make sure that the list only contains genuine ShiftCode powered sites (common sense)

Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List

You are also free to use this banner that I made to represent the list:

Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites Master List

SafariStash Long Established INTL GPT Site with a Fun Jungle Theme Always Free to Join and Earn – A Great Choice to Register, Look Around, and Call it a New Favorite Site!

If you are looking for a great long established genuine ShiftCode GPT site with a well respected trustworthy admin and a fun jungle theme then take a look at SafariStash  Always totally free to join and earn. Loads of fun ways to earn here as well!

We do accept members from all countries.

We are a GPT (Get Paid To) website; that is, we display products, offers, coupons, programs, and other websites for advertisers to you, the consumer! Advertisers are looking for a means to get the word out about their products to consumers, and this is just one of the vehicles they use to do that. SafariStash

Here at Safari Stash you can earn money and rewards by doing the following:

  • Viewing Paid To Click Advertisements
  • Joining Sites for Free
  • Signing Up for Survey Panels
  • Completing Free Surveys
  • Downloading Free Software/Products
  • Purchasing Products
  • Trying Out Products and Services

And so much more!

The requirements to join #SafariStash are simple:

  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must register using your valid information
  • You may only have one account per household or IP address
  • You may not complete offers you have completed previously
  • It is ALWAYS free to join "We do accept members from all countries.

To earn money here at SafariStash, you can click on PTC Ads or PTS Offers in the above menu. You also earn from referring new members to Safari Stash! You can earn 20% of your first level referrals' earnings, 7% of their referrals' earnings, and 5% or THEIR referrals' earnings.

You may withdraw once you have reached the minimum cash out level of $5.00 or $3.00 if upgraded, via verified PayPal. We pay within 24 hours, as funds permit.

Again you have nothing whatsoever to lose by joining - there are no fees, dues, or investment of any kind required to earn significant cash you can withdraw in several ways including directly to you PayPal Account, etc.! SafariStash

Complete Master List of Genuine ShiftCode Powered GetPaidTo (GPT) Sites

Get Paid To (GPT) Sites Using the Genuine ShiftCode Site Script (the software the web site runs on) are the sites that those work at home experts in the know frequent and they are also the best sites to get your feet wet in the fascinating world of GetPaidTo sites because most of everything on the site is easy and intuitive.  These sites are all always totally FREE to join and it will never cost you a dime to earn till your heart is content.  Make PayPal money all day long in the privacy of your own home!


Genuine ShiftCode GPTs - Undisputedly the Best Most Legitimate Get Paid To Sites from the Long Term Best Loved, Most Powerful, Most Lucrative, and Most Secure Commercially Available Professional GetPaidTo Site Script Available!  Basically, only these sites using the ShiftCode script offer a consistent level of assuredness that you are at a legitimate site that pays. Below is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of these wholly legitimate GPT sites available on the web:

List Updated 08/27/2015

  • SurveyHunt .com   (site closed properly and respectfully to its former members - balances paid, etc.)
  • PiggyBankGPT .com * (site has issues making it unusable and NOT RECOMMENDED at this time in our opinion)
  • 5CentMinimum .com * (site has issues making it unusable and NOT RECOMMENDED at this time in our opinion)

* unlinked sites noted with an asterisk '*' after their entry have been reportedly experiencing temporary difficulties of one type or another (unspecified here) and they are working on returning the site to full operation as quickly as the administration and staff of that site are able to (each site is independently owned and operated)

Get Paid To (GPT) Sites in a Nut Shell

The term GPT stands for "Get Paid To" A GPT site is an excellent place to earn money online from home or anywhere.  Get Paid To sites allow registered site members to earn free cash online by completing free paid surveys, visiting or signing up for web sites and online services, reading and reviewing emails, clicking on links, shopping online, playing games, and various other payable actions for which you receive rewards or incentives.  Signing up for GPT sites is totally free and they'll never ask you for a dime to earn cash online.

Most GPTs with pay you directly to your PayPal account (also free) though many other options may be available depending on the site you frequent.  Such options may be popular brand name gift cards sent instantly to you online in code form or promptly mailed to you physically.  Still other options may be prepaid debit cards or a wide selection of physical reward prizes to choose from.

Companies all over the world are looking for people to try their new products and services and they are more than willing to pay for it.  Likewise, market research firms are always looking for people to give their opinions in surveys commissioned by their sponsors who are also willing to pay you a healthy reward for the insight.  These companies pay the GPT sites, which in turn, pays their members for taking surveys, doing offers, and some times reviewing new products and services that they may send you to test and keep!  If you have the inclination, this can definitely earn you a good deal of extra income in a relatively short amount of time.

Completing offers correctly is the key to making quick and easy money on GPT sites.  The GPT sites act as hosts of many different type of offers which are basically links you click on and follow simple instructions in order to receive your payment.  In these offers, the advertisers ask you for some information and opinions and in time, you will be rewarded with money.

Another one of the best things about GPT sites is that many of them have referral programs that you may optionally participate in.  Each time you get someone to sign up under your referral link, you will make a percentage of what they make, or get some other type of bonus.  Though please note that to be counted as a referral under you then the respondent must sign up by clicking on you own unique referral link that the GPT site will provide you and that you will promote.  If you advertise and market your links well, you can simply sit back and let others make money for you.

If you need some extra free cash and want to make money online, it can't get easier than that!  All of the GPT sites we have listed all over this site have been thoroughly tested and are popularly known the be the best legitimate Get Paid To sites around.

Feel free to browse the site to learn much more about how and where to earn free PayPal cash online simply and legitimately.  All of the information and site lists we provide here are provided freely (never waste your money on a bogus list of sites elsewhere when there is so much information provided freely all over the place at sites such as ours!)


Here are some Great Known Good GPTs to Get You Started:

Some Differences Between Paid to Click (PTC) and Get Paid To (GPT) Sites

If you are familiar with get paid to (GPT) sites, I am sure you have also heard of paid to click (PTC) sites as well. If you haven’t, they’re very similar to get paid to sites however, instead of them paying you for every offer you complete, they pay you for every site you visit or ad you click on. That may sound good to you, but be aware, there is a huge gap in the income you will be making. On GPT sites each offer complete could make you around $1.00, but every click or site you visit on a PTC site is usually worth only fractions of a penny though if you are lucky you may be able to find a few PTC sites paying more – maybe $0.01 - $0.05 per click maximum to hope for (depending upon the site)

Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would want to frequent PTC sites if you only earn so little for each action. There’s just not enough time in a day to click for fractions of pennies (or even whole pennies)  The only reason I think PTC sites even still exist today is due to international users that are in countries that have little or no GPT site support (not enough offers for those countries for the GPT sites to bother supporting them.)

Recently I did a little research on paid to click sites and I ran across online discussion forums where people were saying PTC sites were great, and that they were making over $20 a month. Well I know for a fact that if you really wanted to you could make that amount in one hour or less from GPT sites (and you would not have wasted your whole day clicking fractional penny PTC ads – that’s just insane!)  Personally, I would recommend you don’t waste your precious time with PTC sites. Not because they are a scam, but simply because you can earn so much more from GPT sites.

For a great free list of the better GPT sites out there today then please feel free to take a look at the Current Top Legitimate GPT Sites List [Spring 2015] here

How GPT Sites Work

In this modern era, GPT sites have become a revolutionary way of earning free items online. Millions of internet users have capitalized upon the hottest web trend to earn some extra spending cash and, in some cases even earn enough to pay the bills. All that is required to benefit from GPT sites are a few minutes of your time to complete simple online surveys, share your opinions on popular topics and try out new products. The majority of GPT site users simply enjoy the luxuries that derive from the fantastic services of the particular site(s) that they use. However, it is not always properly understood as to how the money eventually ends up happily sat alongside several fellow species.

As with any GPT, site owners are constantly searching for sponsors or advertiser packages to provide them with offers for their members to complete. Sponsors value the opinions of their consumers’ and therefore are willing to pay to receive quality and honest feedback based upon their products and services. Accordingly, the feedback is appropriately applied to improve aspects of the product or service. Once sufficient numbers of sponsors are found, they are added to the GPT website in order for members to participate in. After a member complete an offer and the sponsor deems that the information is genuine, then the GPT site will be receive revenue. In turn, the GPT site will credit the member with a portion of their profit, often in the form of points, which can then be redeemed for prizes.

A common attribute to GPT websites is the integration of a script that is designed to search for a tracking cookie during and after the completion of a survey. Since GPT site owners do not manually check each survey for legitimate information, they rely on tracking cookies to judge whether a user will get credited for their survey or not. Therefore, human intervention is not required in the approval of surveys, meaning that an automated system will search for the tracking cookie and upon a successful search; it will apply the credit accordingly to the user. This automatic system allows surveys to credit swiftly, allowing prizes to be achieved effortlessly.

When you find a new GPT on the web, do not write it off straight away. Most GPT sites, new or old are designed to provide its users with legitimate methods of getting cash and prizes online, quickly and easily. At the end of the day, GPT sites are out to make money, but in the process, its members can painfully earn a huge amount of cash and prizes. Having said that, a small minority of GPT sites are solely dedicated to making money and member satisfaction is their least important priority. They are branded as scam websites and should unquestionably be avoided. The best indicators of a legitimate GPT site are its minimum payout rate and the time it takes to pay its members. Often with quality GPT sites, you will find that their payout rate is ultra low and they pay instantly or extremely quickly.