Get Paid To Sites Discussion

Hello and welcome to I have founded this site in these troubled economic times to give hope and a definite proven strategy with no investment at all required for those who are ready, willing, and simply poised to listen and follow a few simple steps in my basic proven strategy to making money online via a web site, blog, or simply taking the time to post to a few forums a day.

All the programs I present to you require no money at all to join and remain a member. These programs allow unlimited potential for earning money in your spare time with no money investment and a relatively small time investment on your part. These free sites are the cream of the crop and the best in the industry for the purpose they serve. These sites sell themselves, all is required from you is to put information about these site in front of the nose of as many people as you can possibly reach.

The sites I speak of are specifically free paid survey sites or what is more commonly referred to at the GPT (get paid to…) site (sometimes also called PTS (paid to sign up), reward sites, incentive sites, or offer sites.) Before you scream “SCAM!” in your head and turn the page please only listen a bit longer (indulge me – you will not regret it.)
Yes, you may or may not have heard of free paid survey / GPT sites. I am not here to ask you to fill up your time responding to surveys and completing free trial offers yourself (though this is a quick and lucrative way to spend your spare time.) No, I’m here to take you a step further than just being a survey site patron (think bigger) – be a survey / GPTsite promoter and earn 20% or your referred member’s earnings ! Yes, and the 20% you earn is not taken out of your referred member’s totals !

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My meaning of “best” survey / GPT site. While a vast majority of survey sites out there will eventually pay you, the sites I speak of are international GPT sites that pay to PayPal instantly with no minimum cash out amount (other sites may make you wait days, weeks, or even months to see your earned money while making you wait until you reach some seeming insurmountable minimum amount ($10, $20, $50, or even $100 in some cases) before they even allow you to initiate a withdrawal.)

My meaning of “legitimate” survey / GPT site. Basically, this would classify a site that indeed pays as promised, when promised, and with no unexpected hurdles or contrived delays. Yes, the sites I speak of don’t pull tricks (notorious in the industry) like banning your account just as you reach the minimum cash out amount, or cry foul when it comes time for you to get your just enrichment. The sites I speak of are operated by a corporation over a decade old who’s sole business is incentive marketing. They have paid out over two million dollars to members to date and pride themselves on providing exactly what is promised every day. They have amassed thousands of testimonials in their forums from satisfied members over the years. Yes, these site truly do sell themselves once a member has registered and has seen the magic happen first hand.

The dilemma? To many sites in the same category of these out there have made superlative claims to pay quick and provide easy cash while miserable falling short of their claims to the extent that the general public has thrown the bay out with the bathwater on the entire classification of paid survey / GPT sites.