WEB of Trust - Untrustworthy, Vote of No Confidence

In my own humble opinion, and those of many other Get Paid To (GPT) site and CPA Affiliate Network admins, recent developments at Web of Trust (www.MyWOT.com) have proven the self-appointed web guardian untrustworthy.

Recently it was noticed that the formerly good to great reputation ratings for hundreds of legitimate ShiftCode GPT site and Performa affiliate networks were suddenly and deliberately plunged en-mass into the 'very poor' range by a single anonymous and faceless WOT 'platinum member' submitting bulk site reputation ratings using what is called the 'mass rating tool',

In addition to the shotgun in the dark site ratings approach taken by the WOT 'platinum member' calling him/herself c۞g, each targeted site's 'scorecard' page was further defaced with the identical (apparently also bulk blast posted) libelous comment citing almost every powerful negative word that could readily be attributable to the lowest of the low scam type web site.  Yes, a person is entitled to his own opinion but when