PollBuzzer Pays Weekly PayPal a Buck for Each Simple Emailed Poll Question !

Get Paid to Answer Emailed Survey Questions !

Start making money - It's totally FREE!  Get simple questions sent to your email and receive PayPal payments weekly.  Yes, don't just dismiss this post after reading the headline title.  PollBuzzer is truly a painless way to make an occasional buck or two.

The only downside I've found is that you can't do anything to influence when or how many times you'll receive the coveted emailed dollar paying no-brainer questions.  The questions get sent to your email address and they'll send you PayPal payments weekly.  I've personally already been paid several times by PollBuzzer.

The real power of this is in their referral system which gives you a buck for each referral after they've answered four (4) emailed questions.   Again, the only problem is you can't influence how long it takes for them to actually receive four questions - sometimes it takes days, other times it may take weeks)  It's all good though because this place will send you money automatically within a week any time you've earned at least a buck - sometimes when you least expect it (so this turns out to be a bonus couple of surprise bucks you weren't even aware you earned)

PollBuzzer Pays $1 for Each Simple Emailed Question Answered !

The way they explain it is:  "Earn an additional $1 for each new PollBuzzer Panelist that you refer! Just send the unique referral link below to your friends, family, colleagues, or whoever else you want to refer. Each time a new panelist joins PollBuzzer after coming to the site using your link, you'll be credited with the referral. Once that new panelist answers 4 questions, we'll know it was a successful referral, and $1 will be credited to your account."

They even have what they call a 'Client Affiliate Program" where:  "Know someone who uses customer opinions or market research to make decisions? Have a friend in marketing or working on a small business, who needs to know what their target consumers think? Refer that person to PollBuzzer and get paid if they send out a survey! Starting now, we're making you an affiliate of PollBuzzer, and we'll pay you 10% of whatever we earn in the first year after you make the referral (after we pay our panelists). So send the link below to all your friends and family, post it on Facebook and Twitter, and start earning today. The typical PollBuzzer survey would earn you about $15, and there's no limit to what you can earn if your contacts start sending out surveys, so start referring now! Thank you."  My affiliate referral link for this is:  http://askpollbuzzer.com/?r=TitJR2RCWnVHOUV4VkZpTzU0bUpiUT090 though I really don't see the point in this as the odds are pretty slim that I'd ever refer anyone that needed a question answered (?)