Gaping Default Security Hole in Firefox Allowing the Viewing of ALL Your Saved Passwords in Plain Clear Text!


If you use Firefox are you aware that ANYONE in-the-know that you give access to your computer (iffy friends, bad roommates, sketchy relatives, etc) can EASILY look up and see ALL YOUR SAVED PASSWORDS IN PLAIN CLEAR TEXT !!!

I was completely unaware of this until about a month ago and was TOTALLY SHOCKED ! Even though I'm a technology buff and professional PC / network technician by former trade (I thought I knew everything !)

Want to see?

Ok, click on Tools > Options then go to the Security tab. Find the Saved Passwords button and click on it. Then simply click on Show Passwords and !?! WTF !?! Really !!??!!

I guess that's why they have the "Use a master password" option (and you'd better change ALL your shown passwords and set a master password if you've EVER given anyone shady a chance to use your PC)

Google Chrome also has this (what I would call) default gaping security FLAW!!JlK2z

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