PayPal Scores a Hit with Me in the Customer Service Department (Shocked the Heck Out of Me - Lol) WTG PayPal !

PayPal Actually Treated Me Right This Time !

(read the entire story for the kind and happy ending) 
A few minutes ago I remembered that one of my dozen or so domain names was up for renewal in a few days (one of my more valuable and liked domains)  I also had noted that I received a Network Solutions email a few days ago offering to renew that domain name at $10 even with the coupon code contained in the email.

I got ready to renew the domain only when I checked my PayPal account then all I had was $9.97 in the account (I use the a PayPal debit MasterCard to pay for such things.)  Yes, sure I have plenty of cash (physical cash) but my problem was that it wasn't in my PayPal account (and there's no quick way to refill a PayPal account with cash without going through an ordeal normally)

I decided to use one of my other debit cards (less than a buck on that one) along with the handy PayPal donation widget (usually used by charity organizations on their web sites) to in-effect donate what I needed to myself in my PayPal account (a few cents) from that other debit card.  So, I used the donation widget placed in a local HTML file  (located on my own PC) viewed in a browser window to donate 16 cents (I thought more than enough to cover the three cents I was short)

The transaction went just fine only when I checked my PayPal balance I was shocked to find out that my balance had not changed (it was STILL $9.97 (?))  In looking at the details of my donation transaction (below) I discovered that for my sixteen-cent donation I was charged a $0.16 (100%) transaction fee ! ~ (lol)

PayPal charged me a 100% transaction fee to receive a donation !?!
100% Transaction Fee on Receipt of 'Donation' (?)

More puzzled and disappointed with PayPal I gave their customer service line a call to ask why the heck they would charge me a 100% transaction fee on receiving my donation.  The very polite and professional happy sounding PayPal customer service girl (after I explained my story) simply asked me how much I was short in my PayPal account for completing my domain renewal transaction and I told her only the three cents.

After a minute on hold while she spoke with her supervisor then she told me that she was seeing that I've been a loyal 14+ year customer of PayPal and that they don't want to 'do me like that' and to make it up to me that she had added a buck ($1.00) to my PayPal balance as a gesture of good will from PayPal to me (smile)

Thank you PayPal for turning from the seemingly mindless evil draconian giant (the way many of my friends and I had perceived them for some time now due to all of the past horror stories them and I had been subjected to or heard about over the years) into a thoughtful and kind friendly partner to me.
PayPal Customer Service Actually Hit the Ball Out of the Park for Me Tonight ! 

#PayPalRocks  #WTGPayPal

The End

PayPal Good Will Gesture - Thank You PayPal
PayPal Good Will Gesture - Thank You PayPal