KissMyCash GPT – a Well Established Get Paid To Site with Character and $1 Minimum Daily PayPal !

Yes, KissMyCash GPT was established years ago by admins that are considered pillars of the industry – never a worry about payments here.  The site is popular with hundreds of active members but it’s not so large that its lost that personal touch.  The admin is friendly, helpful, and responsive to support requests promptly.

The site is chock full of more than the usual number of  popular lucrative fast-crediting offers (most of which are totally free.)  The site also features a number of offer walls for added earning opportunity.  PayPal payments are delivered without fail daily with only a one-dollar ($1) minimum to reach before requesting a withdrawal.

kissHome3 If you are a referral ‘whale’ such as myself and are looking for decent sites that are popular but haven’t reached a saturation level so high that everyone you promote to has already heard of the site or is already a member then promoting KissMyCash might fit the bill for you perfectly.

Give KissMyCash a shot!  I’m sure you’ll find the site a very comfortable place to work at home and spend your time earning!