VisioList - New Top Site List Script is a Vast Improvement Over Aardvark and It Even Makes You PayPal Cash!

NEW TOP SITE LIST SCRIPT ALERT! (and this script has features built in to earn PayPal money from listing enhancements!)

Yes for those of you who are familiar with the well known Aardvark top site list script (the decent top site list script that languished all those years without a single update and no support) then know that a few coders from that original Aardvark script team (purportedly) has gotten together and have come out with a new script that has taken that original code and improved it tremendously in all directions!  The call it VisioList and their web site is located here:

In addition to improving stability, security, and bringing all the coding techniques and style into todays standard cutting edge they've gone on to add tons of improvements too numerous to list here!

One really nice new feature they've added is fully automated PayPal integration that will take orders for a bunch of optional listing upgrades that top site list clients can order to add things like the ability to add a larger banner, a featured listing, and other premium features that will add more rank enhancing 'hits' to your site's list account based upon a schedule, etc.  There's just so much new that I'd wear myself out posting this if I tried, best to head to their web site to check out the new features listings:

Unlike the older (now 'lame' comparably) Aardvark script - VisioList isn't free (but it isn't expensive either!)  Prices start at $29 - I was so amazed that YES, I bought it ;-)  The script is a no-brainer smooth automated install and once installed I was amazed at all the new admin panel features and reports.  If you are into running your own top site lists then this script is a must see!   [yes, I know this group normally is aimed at 'FREE' scripts but I found this so amazing that I felt getting the news out deserved a 'group founder' exception] ;-)