How I Choose a GPT Site

With such a diverse reading audience I wouldn't presume to declare that I know which sites, or which types of sites are best for everyone. I, myself, do however have a rather grounded set of qualities I like to see in GPT sites I frequent. For your consideration (in order):

  1. Don't EVER Pay to Get Paid - Yes, you may have seen this said in various ways throughout this site and others. Honest, legitimate GPT sites never require payment for registration nor will they require you to purchase an account upgrade to enjoy the full benefits of the site. If you encounter a site that requires any sort of payment related to your GPT site member account I would suggest that you stop to ponder what makes this site tick.
    • The GPT business model allows a wide enough profit margin for both the member and the site to earn a rather substantial income while providing the sponsors with a worthwhile bang for their buck.
    • If a GPT site requires payment then it says to me that the inside site content and the incentive opportunities it displays may not be as fully developed as the webmaster's urge to make a quick buck on people paying to become a member of the site.
    • This also goes for sites selling lists of GPT sites C'mon people, just Google. There is plenty of information posted freely all over the web on the subject of legitimate GPTs.
  2. Low (or No) Minimum Cash Out - I truly don't understand why GPT sites that have a required minimum cash out amount of greater than ten-dollars ($10) still exist - shouldn't they have been extinct by now? There are plenty of established legitimate GPTs out there that are now sporting minimums of less than two-dollars ($2) - some next generation GPTs now don't even bother having a minimum cash out amount that must be reached before requesting payment - that's right no minimum cash out! Not only don't you have to worry about leaving any of your hard earned money behind in the site's hands (yes, it's YOUR money the minute you earned it), but I find it's simply a much more rewarding experience not having to deal with minimums.
  3. Don't Wait for Your Money - Instant gratification is where it's at today (especially in these demanding economic times.) How long it takes to get paid is now one of the first crucial pieces of information I search for when evaluating a newly discovered GPT - this comes after a few past encounters with sites that will only pay you after days, weeks, or even months of waiting (for no apparent reason.)

…to be continued.