Please Don't Confuse This Site with Any Other Sites with 'Home' and 'Cash' in Their Names! is a totally FREE of charge information source on the subject of free paid surveys, free to join GetPaidTo (GPT) sites, and other similar totally free of charge legitimate online work at home programs and opportunities. does not sell anything nor will this site ever ask you for any money. Further, we do not engage in any sort of unsolicited bulk commercial email (commonly referred to as SPAM) nor doe we engage in any sort of harmful email based shenanigans.

Recently I, the webmaster / admin of (this site), have become aware of some other web site(s) with the words 'home' and 'cash' in their names that have become the subject of quite a large controversy (that's all I'll say here as I do not wish for search engines to in any way connect this, my site, with any of the negativity regarding any other 'home' 'cash' sites or business on the internet)

The complaints had something to do with people apparentlynot getting what they had paid for. It's simple, this site doesn't ever ask anyone for money - I give away TOTALLY FREE information on FREE to join sites here. Other complaints had something to do with harmful email schemes the offenders (those other people I don't know) apparently were engaged in - again, not me, and nothing to do with me, anyone I know, or any of my sites or activities.

I ran across the negative information on those other people, sites and/or businesses (to my horror simply because of the similar site / business names) through a routine Google internet search I performed on my site's name "homecash" while simply trying to check up on how effective my site promotion efforts have been. Again, neither I nor this, my web site, have anything whatsoever to do with those other sites and/or businesses.