Some Considerations on Buying a New 'Fresh' GPT Site Script from ShiftCode or Purchasing a More Mature Pre-Owned GPT Site that Has it’s Own Set of Benefits

One problem with trying to sell a second or third owner ShiftCode GPT which has been around for some time is that most people know that they can start with a blank slate new installation directly from ShiftCode pretty inexpensively nowadays. 

Even if there is the mid-priced pre-made cookie cutter professional design theme bought and applied and the 'cable-guy' style friend of the family computer geek / coder to get all the configuration settings close enough to perfect -- all that STILL doesn't add up to much more than a couple of hundred bucks !?!

...and there you go.  The formerly plain jane default site now looks and performs almost like a million bucks for just a couple of hundos :-)

    • GPT BUSINESS IN A BOX (pre-owned site): Yes, there are usually many benefits to buying a very popular GPT site that has a loyal following and a nice thematic design and many people consider that a great advantage such as a 'business-in-a-box' so to speak. 

      This above option is usually the best option for the tech 'squeamish' or those who feel 'incapable' on their own in hi-tech looking or sounding situations.
  • GPT SITE AS A TUB OF LEGOS TO BE BUILT EXACTLY AS YOU LIKE (buy the freshly installed script from ShiftCode):  There are other people who are techies and power user admins that delight in going through each and every setting and tweaking the site exactly as it should be according to the ideal image we see in our mind.  This also goes for the design theme.

    I, myself, always decided to do all the design work myself (the front page screenshot pictured below is all my own design work from scratch by hand that I was very proud of from my own PaidTheBest GPT)  Though professional designers may have looked at it as sophomoric at best - everything looked and worked EXACTLY how I wanted it to!

    This home-made design stood steadfast, perfectly, and extremely effectively for the several year long extended run of my then popular PaidTheBest GPT site.  All I can report is that the design I made myself looked like NO other site in the industry yet it worked perfectly as a beacon gracefully luring thousands of weary penniless paid survey seeking internet travelers over the years :-)



  • Even with the 3000+ built in loyal member base and the paid for professional design someone with an already completely set up GPT site - with my personality I would consider that a severe disadvantage over being proud to discover the proper settings and tweak them, compose all the promotional text myself start promoting, learn all I can about web SEO and do the submission myself, etc

It's not the destination to a popular and GREAT GPT site - it's the journey getting there using your own brain and skill that holds the joy in the web site for me;-)

That's why I will always prefer to buy my web site in many small parts that spill all over the floor (so to speak) when I dump it out rather than to carefully unwrap the pretty wrapping paper only to discover the most perfect state of a web site all wrapped up very carefully in bubble wrap just waiting to be plugged in and 'played' :-)