A Small Money Saving Tip when Buying Banner Advertising (Banner Impressions) at JillsClickCorner (and other popular ShiftCode GPT Sites)

One day in the not so distant past I was curious and asked the owner of  ShiftCode (the gold standard of Get Paid To (GPT) web site scripts)

What’s the Most Popular ShiftCode GPT Site Currently’ (because I was looking for a place to buy advertising on the site where I’d get the most exposure for my 468px x 60px banners)

He answered  ‘JillsClickCorner’ (and yes he was serious!)  It was huge surprise revelation to me (yes, I had been a Jill’s GPT member for years but never might have guessed it was #1 ! )  I guess it has a huge international member base of loyal site fans.


Ok, please note that the rates I’m quoting are from today (02/07/2016) and may change (out of my control because it’s not my site)



These are the banner impression rate packages I find:

  • 10,000 impressions for $1.99
  • 20,000 impressions for $2.99
  • 50,000 impressions for $5.99
  • 100,000 impressions for $9.99
  • 250,000 impressions for $19.99
  • 500,000 impressions for $29.99
  • 1,000,000 impressions for $39.99
  • 10,000 impressions for 199 game tokens!
  • 100,000 impressions for 1000 game tokens!

Note that I’ve already purchased banner advertising here in the past (extensively) so if I go to Advertising Stats and click on Banner Stats then I see this:


…and there when I choose a banner that I previously purchased (doesn’t matter if it still has impressions of not) and I click on the Please Choose drop-down to the upper right of that banner then I get a small menu of which one of the options is Buy Impressions:



…and I find out that I can purchase 50,000 more impressions for that banner for only $5 which is much better than purchasing a new banner impressions package for $5.99 (not really a huge difference but if you do a lot of banner advertising like I do then it all adds up!)

This also has other implications, it means that you can simply purchase a smaller amount of impressions at your initional banner impressions buy and then go straight to Add Impressions 50,000 or more impressions immediately (minimum $5 though)  

There you go, not a huge tip but I’m glad I know about it – and I’m glad to share it with you.