Huge Get Paid To (GPT) Site Industry News! is Back !

Yes, the world renouned Get Paid To (GPT) industry watchdog site is Back purporting to be ‘back under its original ownership’!gptboyctlogo

Visit the old familiar styled GPT Boycott Home Page to read how its ‘back under its original ownership’ and to reminisce in seeing the live page / site back online again !

Somehow, it ‘feels’ like the perfect time for it to come back hopefully to offer its previous set of resources and wealth of information on the state of financial affairs with GPT sits!

notoscams applauds the unseen forces at work behind the scenes which facilitated this truly sorely missed whistle-blower / consumer protection site!

Statement Noticed
on 02/02/2016

GPTBoycott.Com is now back under its original ownership!

GPTBoycott is a website which organized boycotts of "get paid" websites which failed to pay their members as promised. GPTBoycott operated a Boycott List to "name and shame" the websites which refused to pay their members, so that visitors could avoid wasting their time and money.

GPTBoycott also ran an active Discussion Forum which had many thousands of active members. Members and owners of "get paid" programs met at GPTBoycott to discuss their experiences with "get paid" websites (both good and bad), to discuss issues affecting the "get paid" industry generally, and to make friends and contacts.

GPTBoycott was sold in 2009, but the site is now back under its original ownership. While the era of traditional "get paid" websites is now largely over, we would love to hear from any visitors who used GPTBoycott as a resource or who participated in our Discussion Forum.

If you used to visit GPTBoycott and would like to say "hello", or if you have any ideas for how GPTBoycott can help visitors going forwards, please send us a message! We look forward to hearing from you.

Original Text Below:

There are many companies on the internet which promise to reward or pay you for various activities. Some require you to complete online surveys, while others require you to participate in investment programs, view advertisements, or to shop via their website. These types of website are known as "get paid" programs, and are the focus of GPTBoycott.

Many users have found that by joining and participating in these "get paid" programs it is possible to earn some extra money each month. This reflects the fact that most online "get paid" programs are honest and pay their members as promised. However, there are other sites which look to take advantage of their users by acting dishonestly, improperly or fraudulently. The aim of GPTBoycott is to name the offending 'get-paid' companies, and to urge our visitors to stop using them. If you're tired of companies stealing your time and money, and if you want to know which sites to avoid, take a look around this site, and help us stamp out fraudulent behavior online!

GPTBoycott has been tackling online scams since September 2001.